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Whether you’re moving out of your current home or are in the process of cleaning out a property for one of your loved ones, Stockport House Clearances aims to help by providing exceptional house clearances in Stockport. Whether you need a man with a van in Stockport or someone to recycle recyclable items, we can help.

To help you out with your house clearance, we’ve listed a few handy tips to get the process started. Read on to learn more.

1. Separate Must-Keep Items

One of the first steps is to separate all your must-keep items. Don’t hesitate to invest time in deciding which items truly are ‘must-keep’. The last thing you want is to toss an item that was an heirloom. Ask family to help if you’re unsure.

2. Eliminate the Rubbish

After you isolate specific items, the next step is to eliminate the rubbish. There’s likely tons of it in the property, so this process can take a while. Our clients don’t have to worry about tossing their items because we can do that for them. However, you’ll still need to decide what’s rubbish and what isn’t.

3. Use color coded boxes to Keep Things Organised

Organisation is critical in any house clearance process. We recommend using color coded boxes or tape to identify items that need to be kept or that are fragile. This prevents the wrong things from being tossed and keeps you sane throughout the process.

4. Start Weeks in Advance

It’ll take longer to sort through your items than you think, start early for better results. Our man and van Stockport based services are available whenever you are ready, so there is never any rush for you.

Use these tips to get your property ready for a full-blown house clearance in Stockport. If you have more questions about what you need to prepare, give our team a ring—we’ll be happy to guide you further.