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At Stockport House Clearances, we passionately help our clients with house clearance in Manchester and more. However, we know that many folks like to get a head start before we show up.

Whether you choose us for our man with van Manchester based services or just need someone to focus on house clearances, we always want to help you out. For example, today we’re giving you a few things NOT to do when getting this process started.

While you begin clearing out your house, avoid these four wrong ways to do so.

Attempt to Hold onto EVERYTHING

It’s common to want to hold onto everything you have, especially if you’ve raised your children in your home or are in the process of clearing out the home of a loved one. However, you’re slowing yourself down if you do this. Somethings can be kept, but most of it needs to go.

One thing you can do is snap a photo of the item to keep the memory alive without being weighed down by the actual item.

Waiting to the Last Minute to Start Clearing Your Home

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t have to get a head start to clearing out your property. It is a bigger job than you realize. In all our years of offering house clearance in Manchester, we have yet to see someone successfully clear their home out at the last minute—and we doubt it’ll happen in the future.

Going at it with No Strategy

Despite what you may think, you need a strategy to clear out your home. Organization is key. Isolate what needs to be tossed and get boxes, markers, and tape well in advance. Start with one room at a time, going from the top to the bottom, to clean out your home without feeling overly stressed or rushed.

Failing to Separate What You Want to Keep from What You HAVE to Keep

Don’t make the mistake in assuming you have to keep everything you see. Instead, focus on your needs and those of your family. What do you actually need to live successfully? Isolate that and keep it to the side.

Trust us, our man with van Manchester service helps you figure out what to keep and what to toss, all while getting you closer to your goal of cleaning out your home. Use this advice to jumpstart your house clearance and we’ll happily do the rest for you.