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Everyone knows that moving to a new house is stressful. Our house removals in Stockport are designed to make things easier, but there is much you can do on your side to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible. Here are five tips to make your removals in Stockport much easier.


#1. Declutter Your House First

Clutter not only makes your life stressful in the present, it can spell disaster on the day of your move. Instead of packing paperwork and the stack of receipts, use an app like Evernote to scan them and store them virtually. Toss the receipts in the recycling bin and move on to the rest of your items.


#2. Plan a Sleepover for Children and Pets the Day Of

Don’t make the moving day any more stressful than it has to be. Plan to have your children and pets on a sleepover to make the process much easier Animals and children can complicate the day and give you more work than you can handle. Plan ahead for them to be offsite on the day of.


#3. Don’t Book Everything for the Same Day

Instead of reserving the electrical service, cable man, and phone service to come out to your new home the day of your move, plan it for a day or two later. The last thing you want is to be going back and forth between the mover and your service professionals as you figure out where things go.


#4. Separate the Essential Items

Keep a separate box full of important documents, kitchen utensils and must-haves for your family. Take that box with you in your vehicle instead of giving it to whoever is handling your house removal in Stockport. This prevents stress when you need those items.


#5. Make a List of Contact Info

Identify your new address, phone number, and other important information and give to your friends and family first. You’ll also want to write down the name and number of important people for your house removal. Keep this in your phone or in an address book for easy access.


If you follow these tips your day removal in Stockport will be much easier. Best of luck!