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Although our name is Stockport House Clearance, we quite often get involved in office clearances too, and our experience has taught us that when it comes to office clearance tasks there are four main things you need to keep in mind:
What do you want to keep?

Similar to a house clearance, one of the main tasks you need to undertake before the professionals come in is to look at the items that are left in your office and decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Usually, if there are items you want to keep you will remove them before we arrive, and then we are just left with the items that you want to be removed. It is a good option to take the time to do this before we arrive, as we can then give you a more accurate quote on timescales and costs.

When do you need your office clearance completing by?

Usually if you are undertaking an office clearance it is because you are vacating the premises and so you should have a date when you need to have the space cleared by. One you have this date you can then work backward as to when you need to get the office clearance service in. You should always add a few days onto this as well, just in case the work takes longer than expected, so you have a little leeway to get things finished without causing your landlord stress. The length of time it takes to clear your office will depend on the number of contents you want to get rid of, and the size of the office as well.

Sell what you can

As a well-established clearance company, we have a vast network of second-hand dealers, recycling specialists, and charities that we deal with – all of whom are great places to get rid of your unwanted office furniture and so on. We will usually separate your unwanted goods into the material, such as paper, metal, wood and so on to help with recycling. The market for second-hand office furniture changes all the time, but it can be quite slow and only really profitable if you a lot of (over 100) the same type of furniture and it is relatively modern. You can resell IT equipment, such as laptops and desktop computers and you may get more profit from this, but it is important to remember that other electrical equipment such as fridges and air conditioning units contain CFCs and are therefore classed as hazardous waste and need to be disposed of accordingly.

Waste Reporting/Compliance

Following on from this, you also need to make sure that any waste you do create is disposed of accordingly, in fact, it is your duty of care. If the contractor you choose to work with does not dispose of your waste in the correct way, then you could find yourself being criminally prosecuted or facing a claim for damages – not something you need to worry about, however, if you work with us!

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