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Keeping your rubbish at bay during the hot summer months is important in order to keep your home feeling and smelling fresh. Bad bacteria can multiply even faster than usual in the kind of heat we are experiencing at the moment. Working on house clearance Wilmslow for many years has given us a great idea of what to do to keep your home fresh smelling and sanitary whatever the weather, and so these are our top tips.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

We should all be recycling as much as possible all the time anyway, to help protect our environment, but this is even more important in the summer when waste can start to smell bad in the heat the longer it is left. Most packaging today can be recycled and so your recycling bins should always be fuller than your ‘normal’ bin. You can recycle:

• Glass

• Plastic

• Tin

• Paper

Make sure you rinse out your containers before you put them in the recycling bin though, as any food waste will not only make recycling difficult but it will also start to smell after a while too. Also, make sure that the lid on your recycled bin is down and well-sealed as this helps to keep smells inside and flies away. Flies love stale food, and so will be a nuisance in and around your home if you don’t take care of your bins properly.

Dispose of Food Waste Properly

Make sure you dispose of any food waste in the correct receptacle and that it is sealed correctly. Keep on top of cleaning this bin as bits of food will soon go off, and start to smell and this will not only make your house feel unpleasant but may attract flies and other insects as well. You could even use a bin sanitiser or deoderizer as well to help keep your bins dry and stink free.

If you are clearing your home this summer, then you should do so with the help of a specialised house clearance service, like Stockport House Clearances. We have years of experience of house clearances, and also offer a man with van Wilmslow service as well.