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At Stockport House Clearance, we offer house removals in Stockport and have helped countless families vacate their property safely and quickly. However, we recognise that many homeowners want to properly plan their house removal far before our van shows up at their doorstep.

To help facilitate an easier move, we’ve put together a two-part guide full of tips for you to view before you give us a call.


Notify The Right People

Once you decide on a moving date, make a list of the people who need to know you’re moving. This could include your employer, parents, children and grandchildren, friends, and debt holders. All organisations that contact you or send you post need to be notified of your move. Do this early in your move.


Determine What Materials You’ll Need

Before you hire us for your house removal in Stockport, be sure to identify the materials you’ll need to pack your items. In some cases, your removal service will require you to pack your items or supply the materials needed to do so. Be sure to give us a call to discuss your move so you can plan accordingly.


Sort Your Items and Identify Which Can Be Recycled

Some of what you have won’t be going to your new home. Start sorting what can stay and what can go right away. Also, research items that fall under ‘recyclable’ before you toss your junk. You can also go the route of selling or repairing items that can’t quite be sent off to the recycling center just yet.


Start By Packing Non-Essentials

Grab some plastic storage bins and pile in your non-essentials like books you’ve already read, clothing that is out-of-season and even knick-knacks. By starting there, you can ensure that your items are neatly stored and packed long before your move.


Clean Your Home Before Moving Day

Instead of waiting until the last day to clean your home (which you will not have time for), clean your home a few days before the move. It may seem impossible, but you’d be surprised by how much room you have in your home to sweep floors, clean baseboards, vacuum and more when most of your belongings are boxed.

In part II of our guide, we’ll discuss what you’ll need to keep in mind for your moving day if you choose our removals in Stockport.