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As a follow-up to Part I of our guide, we’d like to discuss the remaining tips we have for preparing your home for removal once you’re ready to go. As a man and van Stockport based business, we take pride in delivering excellent service and want you to be as prepared as possible for your move. Without further ado, let’s get to it.


Book Accommodation In Advance If You need It

Even if you book a man with van Stockport service, you still might need to book accommodation well in advance to avoid any lapse in a place to sleep. You could find yourself in between houses, so don’t leave yourself out in the cold by forgetting to book a hotel or home for the week. Hotels are always cheaper if you book them well in advance, so get a reservation right away to avoid higher fees.


Get Storage Lined Up Ahead of Time

Another thing you’ll want to think about is storage. For any belongings, you can’t use right away, but might use in the future, furniture that isn’t essential, camping equipment and more, put it into storage containers. There are several companies that can help you sort through any items you’re not sure are essential, so there’s no need to feel stressed out about making a decision on what to take and what to store.


Set Up Animal and Child Care

Don’t forget about the kids or the pets! While we do offer house clearance in Stockport, we don’t offer kid or animal care. The day of your move is going to be stressful and quite possibly chaotic. Don’t stress your kids or pets out by having them there for all the craziness. Do your best to arrange care for both in advance. Don’t forget your family or friends might be able to help, so reach out to them. For pets, there’s also pet shipping services that can help with transport.


Disassemble Your Furniture

If you have furniture or cabinets that can be broken down and packed, do so. This makes them easier to move and reduces the chances of damage during the move.

If you need a man and van Stockport service, contact our team. We would happily move your items in a safe and effective manner.