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Having to cope with the task of clearing out a loved one’s possessions after they have died can be a very difficult and emotional task. However, there are ways that you can try and minimise this distress. As a company who often help with house clearance in Stockport, we know that problems can arise and there can be fall-out’s between relatives that can lead to long-last grievances – and nobody wants this to happen.

To avoid issues such as this it is important to:

Plan Ahead

Make a will. Simple as that. If you have it in writing where you want everything to go, and we mean everything, then no-one can contest your wishes. It is important to really take the time to think about all of your personal possessions, not just the big things, and if there are specific things that you would like to go to specific people then make sure that this is clearly stated.

Communicate your Wishes

Not everyone likes surprises, so you should talk to your relatives about any particular items they would like before you make your will. It’s not being morbid, it is being sensible, and making sure that everyone’s feelings are taken into account before you decide what goes where. Perhaps tell them you are thinking of having a clear-out and see what comes up in the conversation.

Downsize Now

If you no longer have interest in an item or want to see someone enjoying it before it’s too late, then why not pass on items now? This can also help relatives who then see the item in a positive light, and not something that they received after you had died. If there is a piece of furniture you want to pass on or other heavy items then we offer a man with van in Stockport that can make sure it gets to the right place in tip-top condition.

If you are dealing with clearing out a house after the relative has died, then you should:

Make an Inventory

Set a date for the clear out, and rope in some help – usually another family member. Have a plan and go room by room together – this way if something goes missing there can be no pointing of fingers. Be open-minded and ready to negotiate over any items that you both want if there is not a specific action for it in the will.

Keep a Record

Make sure you keep a record of who got what, and if you sell anything how much you made and where the proceeds went. This can help to smooth the waters over if any of your relatives suddenly kick up a fuss.

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