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House clearance services are used when you want to remove all of the household items from a property. A lot more people are also using this type of service nowadays for clearing their loft, garage or basement where they may have a lot of items stored. Undertaking a house clearance can be quite a stressful process, and so the best thing to do is to get a professional in to do the job for you – which is where we come in! We have some great tips on how to ensure your clearance day goes as smoothly as possible:

Plan ahead

To make sure your house clearance goes as smoothly as possible it is best to plan ahead and allocate yourself enough time to sort out your items ready for us to remove.

Be Prepared

One system we have come across during out years of Stockport house clearance is the ‘traffic light system’ – and it seems to work well. It involves using different coloured stickers to label everything in your house so that it is clear what is to be done with it. Red means Keep, Amber means to Donate or Sell, and Green means Get Rid Of. The donate element of a house clearance is actually really important to the team at Stockport House Clearance. We are committed to recycling and keeping landfill waste to a minimum, and so we sell unwanted items to raise money for charity and also donate unwanted food to a local charity who work with the homeless.

Estimated Quantities

Once you have been ruthless and stuck your stickers on everything, you need to work out how much stuff you have put green stickers on as you want to get rid of it. An easy way to do this is to think about the size of an average builder’s skip, which you can see on most streets these days, and decide how many of these your stuff will fill.

Get the House Cleared

Now the most important bit – getting rid of all your stuff. The stuff you want to keep you will need to move (again this is something we can help with). The stuff you want to sell or donate we can take care of as well, and we will discount the amount of money we raise from selling your items of the total price. Getting rid of the junk (the stuff you want to get rid of) is our speciality as well – there is no need for you to call the council to arrange for a waste collection or try and cram it in the car yourself, we can sort it all out for you quickly and efficiently.

So, if you want to make your house clearance go as smoothly as possible, follow our tips above and give our man with van a call on 0161 264 3663 or 07843 909 024.