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Summer is one of those times of the year when people start looking around their houses and thinking that it is time to declutter and have a clear out. As a company who offer a house clearance in Manchester service, we know what a popular time of year it is for people to get rid of things, and give their houses a good clean – getting in every nook and cranny. Undertaking a house clearance like this means that you will probably come across a lot of things that you have forgotten about, as it is so easy for clutter to build up in a house. Having a good clear out at least once a year can be a great way to decide on what you want to do with all of your stuff – get rid of it at the tip or sell it on? Here at Stockport House Clearance, we are specialists in house clearance Manchester and so are here to help you. So here is our guide for what to throw in the bin, and what you might be able to make a bit of money out of – maybe enough for a holiday in the sun!


It is fairly safe to say that one thing most of us have too many of is clothes! Whether they are items that don’t fit anymore, last season’s items that you just don’t want to wear now, or something you bought and has never worn, definitely do not throw these in the bin! There are lots of places online you can put them up for sale – ebay, shpock and Facebook marketplace to name a few. You may be surprised that your tat is someone else’s treasure!


Nowadays most of us are on contracts where we upgrade our mobile phone every couple of years and we also probably pop our old model into a drawer somewhere as a ‘back-up.’ It may surprise you to know then, that ‘mobile phones’ is one of the most searched terms on ebay! Depending on how old your mobile is you may not make big bucks, but if you have a few sitting around you may find that it all starts to add up!


Buying toys for your children is one of the most expensive things you will ever do, and they grow out of things so quickly. A lot of parents are more than happy to buy things second hand, as long as they have been well looked after. If your children have outgrown their toys, then why not sell them on for someone else to enjoy, and make more room for the next lot of things?

Don’t forget your loft and garage

How many times do you pop things into the loft or garage meaning to sort them out at a later date, and that date never comes? If you have stuff that is lying in the garage or loft more time than you have it out and use it, then try selling it – you never know! Things like camping equipment, gardening tools, and sports equipment will all find a home somewhere, and leave you with more space to store the things you do use. If you need help with your house clearance, or you have a lot of items that you need removing, then you will probably need the help of our man with van Manchester. Get in touch with us today on 0161 264 3663 or 0784 390 9024.